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European Directives and Regulations

Electric and Electronic Products

Electric and Electronic Products Low Voltage Directive (LVD) Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive Radio Equipment Directive (RED) RoHS Directive Ecodesgin Directive & *Energy Labeling Directive * Battery Directive * Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive

Singaporean Directives and Regulations

Other Directives and Regulations

Americas Certification

  • FCC certification

  • UL certification

  • Canadian CSA certification

  • Canadian IC certification

  • Mexico NOM certification

  • Mexico IFETEL certification

  • Argentina IRAM certification

  • Brazil INMETRO certification

  • Brazil ANATEL certification

African Certification

  • South African ICASA certification

  • South African SABS certification

Middle East Certification

  • Israel SII certification

Other Certification

  • International CB certification

  • Bluetooth BQB certification

Asian Certification

  • China CCC certification

  • China CQC certification

  • Chinese enterprises credit rating

  • Taiwan NCC certification

  • Taiwan BSMI certification

  • Korea KC certification

  • Korea KCC certification

  • Japan PSE certification

  • Japan TELEC certification

  • Japan VCCI certification

  • Indian BIS certification

  • Indian WPC certification

  • Sirim certification in Malaysia

  • Philippines ICC certification

  • Philippines NTC certification

  • Thailand NTBC certification

  • Indonesian SDPPI certification

Australian Certification

  • SAA certification

  • GEMS certification

  • A-Tick certification

  • C-Tick certification

  • RCM certification

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