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Lifts Directive


Lifts provide an essential means of comfortable and safe access to different floors in buildings. The installation of lifts in new or existing buildings has an increasingly important role to play in an ageing society. It supports the social integration of people with special needs and offers freedom of access to people with reduced mobility.

Lifts Directive

  • The lifts Directive 2014/33/EU permits the free circulation of lifts and safety components for lifts within the internal EU market and ensures a high level of safety for lift users and maintenance staff.

    • This harmonized EU legislation governs the design, manufacture, and installation of lifts.

    • It is mainly relevant for lift installers and components manufacturers but also has important implications for the owners and users of lifts.

    • It is aligned with the new legislative framework policy and is applicable from 20 April 2016, replacing the previous Directive 95/16/EC.


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