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Gas Appliances Regulation


  • The scope of the GAR is restricted to appliances burning gaseous fuels used for cooking, heating, hot water production, refrigeration, lighting and washing.

  • Regulating, controlling and safety devices and sub-assemblies thereof intended to be incorporated into appliances or assembled to constitute appliances – so-called fittings – are also covered.

  • Appliances specifically designed for use in industrial processes carried out on industrial premises, for use on aircraft and railways as well as for research purposes for temporary use in laboratories are excluded.

Gas Appliance Regulation

  • The legal framework established by the GAR aims to provide access to the EU market for appliances and fittings in so far as the gas safety of these products is concerned.

  • The GAR deals also with the energy efficiency of the products covered where no more specific EU eco-design legislation applies.

  • The GAR contains in its annex I the essential requirements that an appliance or a fitting must meet when it is placed on the EU market. It does not indicate how these requirements must be met, thus leaving flexibility to manufacturers as regards technical solutions to be adopted.

  • In the framework of the GAR, the technical harmonization covers gas appliances and fittings. However, there are differences in the types of gas and corresponding supply pressures used in the territories of EU countries. To ensure the safety and energy efficient functioning of appliances and fittings, information about these gas supply conditions must be taken into account during their design phase.


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