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Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Directive


The directive is on the  minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to the risks arising from physical agents (electromagnetic fields). It covers all known direct biophysical effects and other indirect effects caused by electromagnetic fields. However, the Directive currently only addresses short-term effects and does not concern possible long term effects.

EMF Directive

  • Risks assessment of electromagnetic fields at the workplace (if necessary including measurements and calculations, if necessary) should be carried out in line with the Framework Directive . Assessment of occupational exposure can be skipped if evaluation for the general public has already been completed and if the specific equipment is intended for the public use. The employer shall consider updating the risk assessment and the prevention measures if workers report transient symptoms in relation to their sensory/neural system.

  • The employer shall eliminate or reduce to a minimum the risks that arise from electromagnetic fields at the workplace in line with the principles of the Framework Directive . If relevant action levels are and relevant exposure limit values may be exceeded, the employer shall implement an action plan in order to ensure that the latter is not exceeded. Certain derogations apply to limit values.

  • Special attention shall be paid to workers at particular risks (pregnant, living with implanted medical devices) including individual risk assessment, where applicable.

  • Signs and access restrictions shall be specified and workers shall be trained and thoroughly informed.

  • Health surveillance shall be carried out and the findings thereof preserved.



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