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Battery - Singapore

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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Regulated in SIngapore, overseen by the Energy Market Authority (EMA).


BESS includes,

  • Flow Battery Redox/Hybrid

  • Lead Acid Battery

  • Lithium-ion Battery

  • Nickel-based Battery

  • Sodium Battery

Common BESS regulatory requirements:

  • Fire safety certification

  • Electrical installation License

  • Electricity generation or Wholesaler License

  • Connection to the power grid

  • Market Participation

Electricity Generation / Wholesaler License

Under EMA’s current regulatory framework, the type of license required by the BESS, where one unit of BESS is defined as one or more batteries connected to a single PCS, is dependent on the nameplate rating of the BESS.

  • Any person who owns a BESS that is either directly or indirectly connected to the grid will be required to be licensed under an Electricity Generation License, or Wholesaler License, based on the following:

BESS table.PNG

Fire Safety Certification 

  • Under the Fire Safety Act, the owner of the BESS has to engage a Qualified Person (“QP”) who is a registered architect or professional engineer. The appointed QP is required to seek SCDF’s approval on the plan for fire safety works before the installation of BESS.

  • Once the works are completed in accordance with SCDF’s requirements, the owner will need to engage a Registered Inspector (“RI”) to inspect and certify the fire safety works. With the Inspection Certificate issued by the RI, the QP can then apply for the Fire Safety Certificate through SCDF, on behalf of the owner.

Electrical Installation License

  • Under the Electricity Act, an Electrical Installation (“EI”) License is required for all non-domestic electrical installation with approved load exceeding 45 kilovolt-amperes (“kVA”). It is a requirement for owners of electrical installations to appoint a Licensed Electrical Worker5 (“LEW”) to take charge of their electrical installations.

Connection to Power Grid

  • The connection of the BESS to the power grid for all new or existing installations will require the appointed Licensed Electrical Worker ("LEW") to complete an online application form and submit the relevant documents to SP Services (“SPS”) via SP’s eBusiness Portal.

  • Thereafter, the LEW will need to consult SP PowerGrid (“SPPG”) on the connection schemes and technical requirements.

  • This is important for the purpose of ensuring power system stability, both at the localised and system level.

Market Participation

  • Under the existing Market Rules, the BESS is required to be registered with Energy Market Company ("EMC") as a Market Participant (“MP”)7 if the owner wishes to participate in the wholesale market and provide ancillary services.


[1] Handbook for Energy Storage Systems

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